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Create a website: a restaurant menu, a link in a description or a survey form using a mobile application.

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  1. 1 Build
  2. 2 Publish
  3. 3 Get Link or QR

Ready-made blocks

Build your own page from ready-made blocks.


Tell us about yourself: avatar, title and description.


Big bold text.


Plain text with formatting.

Key - Value

To indicate the name and prices.


Take a photo or upload an image.


Link button.


Several types of separators.


Empty space between blocks.

Form text

Input field for text.

Form full text

Input field for large text.

Multiple choice

The only choice from the list.


Multiple choice from a list.


Date selection.


Time selection.

Submit button

Sending the results of the current form.


Video from youtube service

One link for everything!

Create an Instagram link, a restaurant menu, or a personal page.

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Is it a free app?

Yes, the main functionality of the application is completely free. If you want to remove the site logo and ads from the page, there is a premium subscription for this.

How to create a new site? Through the app?

The app is currently only available for android. Download to your device and register. It is very easy to create a website: drag the blocks onto the page and fill in the information. Then click the publish button.